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Launch of online fixed-odds trading site

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The Fixed-Odds Group Ltd has launched a web site dedicated to trading fixed-odds assets online. Mini-derivative contracts are traded on the site, in same way that stocks are bought and sold online. At present, global equity indexes can be traded using the fixed-odds product, and in the future, Fixed Odds Group plans on offering its fixed odds contract on international currencies, interest rates and commodity products.

Unlike a traditional equity investment or a derivatives contract where a trader can incur unlimited losses, a fixed-odds contract provides risk control by customizing the amount of premium at risk.

Like traditional options, the maximum loss is the amount of the premium, but unlike traditional exchange-traded options that only offer fixed contract sizes, fixed-odds contracts allow the individual trader to select the size of his trade based on the desired amount of payout he wants to receive.

Fixed-Odds contracts are available for long and short positions and can be customized to fit an individual trader’s needs. The trader can select the duration of the contract instead of having to fit his trading view to a standardized contract pre-set by an exchange.

Fixed Odds Group says that it is dedicated to providing individual investors with innovative and sophisticated financial assets to create previously unavailable global trading opportunities.

14 August 2000

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