Bet On Markets

Bet On Markets

Bet On Markets

Company Fixed Odds Capital (Malta) Ltd specializes on online games and on exchange quotations has opened site Bet On Markets for amateurs do bets and to play on real money.

  • High payouts and limited risks - the unique advantage of fixed-odds trading.
  • Win from all market movements - earn money in both quiet and fast markets.
  • Instant payouts - via credit card, bank wire, e-cash or ATM card.
  • Fast executions - average 3 seconds.
  • $ START

    Fixed-odds financial Bet On Markets is an innovative concept whereby you can speculate on the movement of the financial markets safe in the knowledge that your losses are limited to your premium, i.e. the price you pay for the bet. This service offers you the ability to customize your own Bet On Markets terms by entering expiry dates and barrier levels into the Web site, which will then calculate the payouts of your bets in real-time.

    Fixed Odds differ from trade on Forex. First, on Bet On Markets you may carry out rates not only on Forex, but also on shares and indexes. Second, you do not buy currency or shares, and do rates on change of their values during certain time. Thus, trade on a site is similar to rates on horse jumps, only here you do rates on jumps of the markets.

    The Bet On Markets site features fixed odds financial bets; i.e. financial bets that pay a fixed amount (or nothing) on expiry. In other words, when you buy a fixed-odds bet from Bet On Markets, you are entitled to receive a payout, which is a fixed multiple of the amount you have staked. With the betonmarkets dealing system a trader expresses a view and makes a prediction. If the prediction comes true, the trader will profit by a predetermined amount. Before any bet is placed, the trader knows the entire possible downside as well as the exact possible profit.

    However you are also given the possibility to sell your bet before the final settlement date to mitigate your losses or take your profits out early. This means that your risk level is clearly defined at all times.


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