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Now, with the help of Fixed-Odds Group, a new online financial betting service based in Malta but planning an early OFEX launch, the Small Caps site is able to bring an insight into how market sentiment changes week by week.

Fixed-Odds runs a four times a day Customer Sentiment Survey giving a short-term market view of how they are betting in the markets and, therefore, what the punters feel may happen. Sadly, the site does not yet include the London share market, but it does give a due to the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the Nasdaq, and those markets tend to influence London.

So, the reading today is: A slightly bullish feeling for the Dow Jones, although there is likely to be a large drop in recent volatility. Punters are slightly bearish about Nasdaq but expect a small drop in volatility. Clients are very bullish about sterling’s position against the US dollar.

The site Fixed-Odds offers, as the name suggests, fixed odds options in global financial markets which allow punters to know what their potential returns are and the amount of money which needs to be placed to achieve those returns.

6 July 2001
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