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Buy this bet to play a market drop between two given market times today. Buy this bet to play a market drop between two given hourly market times today. You will have the possibility to set the starting hour of the bet and the ending hour of the bet, and you will win double your stake if the market follows your prediction.

Example: [Pays 100 if the FTSE declines between the starting time hour and the expiry hour]

Buy this bet to play a market drop between two given market times today. Example: You wish to play a 10 minute index intraday double down bet. You log onto your account, click on «Intraday Down» on the left hand side menu and «switch» the market type to indices. Since you wish to play a 10-minute bet you click on the link «Switch to 10 minute Intervals» on the pricing page. Assuming that the current time is 16h33GMT you price this bet; I wish to win «USD» 1000 if the «Nasdaq Index» is «higher» at 16h40GMT than at 16h50GMT. The pricing system returns you a price of USD510 and you click on «Buy this Bet». Here, you are speculating that the Nasdaq Index will decline from the time the bet starts running ie 16h40GMT to 10 minutes later ie 16h50GMT. If the market level of the Nasdaq at 16h40GMT is quoted at 1663.26 points while the 16h50GMT value is 1662.92 then you will win the bet and your portfolio will return a payout of USD1000. ie a net profit of USD1000 — USD510 = USD490. Again, as in the case of an intraday double up, if the market level at 16h40GMT is the same, as at 16h50GMT then you will lose your proposition.


Note I: — Applicable limitations on intraday double up’s and intraday double down’s:

You cannot sell an intraday contract before expiry; ie the bet will only be settled as a win or lose.

You have to buy an intraday bet at least 10 minutes before the actual running (start) of the bet.

You cannot buy an intraday contract in the last 180 minutes of a trading day for forex.

You cannot buy an intraday contract in the last 90 minutes of a trading day for stocks.

Note II: — Commission on the intraday plays:

Our commission on the intraday bets is fixed at 2% and is calculated like this:

100% * (our price — unbiased price)/ unbiased price.

As an example let’s assume I bought this bet: I wish to win «USD» «500» if «USD/JPY» is lower at 16h00GMT than at 17h00GMT — Bet bought for USD255.

100% * (255 — 250)/250 = 2% {250 would have been the actual price of the bet in absence of our commission}

Note III: — Settling Criteria: For Intraday Double Up’s and Intraday Double Down’s, it’s the quote on the exact expiry time or the quote just after the expiry time that counts as the final quote. This is unlike our policy for Double Up’s/Double’s Down’s and all other contracts — where it’s the quote on the exact expiry date or the quote just before the expiry date that counts.

For example, for an intraday up bet expiring at 12:00 GMT; if the price at 11h59:50s is 100.00 and the next tick is 100.21 at 12h00:26s, then the 12h00 hourly price is considered to be 100.21.

Note IV: — A Gold/USD intraday bet can only be bought for a minimum duration (running time) of 30 minutes. (i.e. 10 minute bets are not available for Gold/USD)

Note V: — For forex currency pairs, the minimum running time of an intraday bet is 10 minutes except for the currencies on which not all products are offered. For the latter the minimum is 30 minutes. This means that you can buy a 10-minute bet on the USD/JPY (since you can place a one-touch, no-touch, bull or bear bet…etc on the USD/JPY) but you can buy the same 10-minute bet on the British Pound/JPY. (since you can’t buy a one-touch, no-touch, bull or bear bet…etc on the British Pound/JPY) These terms also apply for UK and US stocks. Thereby, you can buy a 10 minute bet on Microsoft, but not on Cisco stock.

Note VI: — When an intraday bet expires the portfolio section might take a few minutes to update the payout. This is normal and is because the hourly data files are created only on the main feed servers and then copied to all the other servers. i.e. this is due to the synchronization between the servers to prevent bets settling incorrectly.

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