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Double your stake if you can predict whether the market will move UP or DOWN after 5 ticks : amount you wish to bet USD/GBP/EUR/XAD, $1-10, market USD/JPY (USD/Japanese Yen) or GBP/JPY (British Pound/Japanese Yen) your prediction market will move UP/DOWN.

With this run bet you stand the chance of doubling your stake (money at risk) if you predict whether the market will move UP or DOWN after 5 ticks.


Let’s assume you make a bet of USD20 that the 5th tick of say, the British Pound/Japanese Yen will be higher than the first tick.

So, you select [USD20] as the amount you wish to bet from the drop-down menu on the run bets page, choose [British Pound/Japanese] as the market and ["UP"] as the market direction. You click on «Go» and here we go:

The game is started !

Your account has been debited by USD 20.

You have bet that the 5th tick will be HIGHER than the entry tick . . .
Entry price : (20:09:07 GMT) : 186.331 . . . .
Tick number 1 (20h09 GMT) : 186.335
Tick number 2 (20h09 GMT) : 186.336 . . .
Tick number 3 (20h09 GMT) : 186.341
Tick number 4 (20h09 GMT) : 186.338 . . .
Tick number 5 (20h09 GMT) : 186.338

The price after 5 ticks was 186.338, the entry price was 186.331, and your forecast was that the market price after 5 ticks will be HIGHER than the entry price. You’ve won since 186.338 is higher than 186.331 and your account is credited with USD 38 [i.e. an amount equivalent to double your stake of USD20 (USD40) less our 5% commission on the total potential payout of USD40 (the commission amounts to USD2 in this case)]. If the last tick was 186.324 you would have lost your stake of USD20 since 186.324 is less than 186.331 and you are betting that the last tick will be higher than the entry tick.

  1. Note I: — You can play the ’Up/Down’ run bet on either the GBP/JPY or the GBP/JPY.  Both will quote to 3 decimal places. (i.e. in the format 119.577..)

  2. Note II: — The minimum stake is 1 unit while the maximum is 20 units. [(i.e. either USD, GBP, EUR or XAD (Gold Currency)]

  3. Note III: — If your internet connection is behind a proxy server, the run bets may not work properly (the output may appear all at once, instead of as a stream). This does not however affect the fairness of the game.

  4. Note IV: — When you play the run bets, you can be assured that the game is truly random.  The run bets use the same market feed as the one used to settle all other contracts. We have no interest in manipulating the quotes because a commission is built in the run bet.

  5. Note V: — To see the tick-by-tick historical data:

    1. Go to Betonmarkets log onto your account, click on «Charting» (top menu) and then select «Charts».

    2. Tick with the «very good» sign: Expert Panel, Forex, and Intraday Chart.

    3. Select «GBP/JPY» from the «Intraday Chart» drop-down menu and choose «31th Oct 03» from the «Use Data From» drop-down menu. (assuming today is 31th Oct 03; the date you select here will be different in your case)

    4. Select «20:00 to 20:59» from the «Isolate» drop-down menu.

    5. Select «Table» as the «Output Format». Finally click on «Draw Chart» and you should see all the tick-by-tick data.

  6. Note VI: — You can play up to 75 run bets on any one trading day.

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