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We understand your concern about the security of your personal information and credit card details. Maximum confidentiality and security are top priority in our business and we spare no effort and expense in providing our clients with a secure and friendly environment. We employ the latest encryption and data protection methods in order to conform to the highest standards.

Our security measures :

  • Your credit card details are submitted directly to the VISA/Mastercard network and are encrypted with high-level SSL. Once your card has been processed by our system, we do not store the card number used. This explains why you have to input your credit card details every time you wish to make a card transaction. Many websites do not follow this policy, and as a result are the target of hackers who attempt to access the credit card database maintained on their servers. With Bet On Markets, there is no such risk.

  • When you first add funds, Bet On Markets creates a digital fingerprint of your new credit card information and cross-references it with existing digital fingerprints in our system. It’s impossible for Bet On Markets or anyone else to determine your actual credit card number from this digital fingerprint. Bet On Markets performs this process to ensure the protection of its account holders, and to enforce its policy of one account per client.

  • Your password is stored on our server in an encrypted format, which even Fixed-Odds Group may not decrypt. Therefore, in the event that you lose your password, we have no means by which to retrieve it, and therefore you must properly authenticate yourself to us so that we may issue a new password to you.

  • Fixed-Odds Capital offers you comprehensive 100% fraud protection for your account with Bet On Markets.

Bet On Markets is fully licensed and regulated, by the laws of the Republic of Malta, for the purpose of operating online financial betting on the Internet under the name: Bet On Markets. Such activity, however, may not be legal in some jurisdictions under certain conditions, and in some jurisdictions may not be legal under any conditions. Please verify the laws in your jurisdiction before registering and read carefully our terms and conditions.

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