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Online Betting computes bet prices using complex mathematical algorithms, based on option pricing technology. Furthermore, prices are weighted according to demand, bets currently in high demand will be priced at a premium to bets in low demand. All contracts are priced using the prevailing real-time market quotes and a commission is charged on each bet.

Bet sensibly and familiarize yourself with the risks of fixed odds financial betting. The maximum loss is always limited to the premium (i.e. stake) but losses are still possible. Always remember only to play with money THAT YOU CAN AFFORD TO LOSE.

Online Betting offers a wide spectrum of bets, among which :

  1. Boundary Bets

  2. Double Up/Down Bets

  3. Expiry Bets

  4. Intraday Double Up/Down Bets

  5. Run Bets

After purchase of the contract, the cost of the rate shown in yours portfolio, is cost on which the rate may be sold back to a site, even before expiry of the term of the rate. This cost may be more or less, than the price on which you have bought it, it depends on a condition of the market by the current moment, quantities of the given rates in system, a completion date of the rate etc.

The forex markets are open practically 24 hours a day, excluding weekends. You may buy and sell forex bets at Online Betting at any time (excluding weekends), as long as there has been a recent tick in the underlying forex market. You can speculate on stocks and indices only during market opening hours.

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